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I've basically watched at least 7 episodes of The Hills today.. half the time paying attention, half the time not. I still think it's enough to lower my IQ by say 20% ... or at least it feels like that!
I actually do quite like The City though, it's much more interesting and feels like it actually has a purpose rather than just showing the dramas of some rich kids.

Did some work. Yay..kinda. Well i only did 3 but it's a start (i just wish i'd started much sooner!)

It's been raining almost non-stop for about 3 days now... weird. I think there was some thunder and lightening too. A great time to go on holiday ^__^

I've been getting more and more interested in the WSPA and other organisations like that. I definitely feel a calling to them but im not too sure how yet.. in the future i know i will be involved in that kind of thing though, i can tell.

I have a list titled 'THINGS I SHOULD BE DOING' and of course.. im doing none of them! haha ive always made lists, i find them helpfull but i sometimes i see them as a horrible reminder of the things on my mind that i want to ignore. I seem to always add more than take off that list ^^; the latest thing i added was sew toy bunny. I have this idea of making a crude, fairly badly made toy bunny.. i cant really explain my weird whims. Now, if i only i could sew...