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T&T 6 year anniversary!

It's almost T&T's 6th anniversary! (depending on where you are)


To think 6 years ago they were all hyped about debuting...

Pleeeeaassse give us some music or something... anything...     or even a very raburabu picture, id settle for that

Anyway here's my latest drawings, again only sketches and not much photoshop.

On to the rabu...Collapse )

Yes i learnt how to do it ^  XD



Tsubasa go blonde again...            *runs*

So now its September!
The calendar photos are so cute for this month. Tsubasa is sitting angst-ly on the floor lol. Takki's is the one where he has a big hat on and is showing his arms off (this is Tsuabsa's favourite month) and the T&T one is them both looking cute together.

and then i go to change my News 'calendar'  and oh dear..its Koyama... I really..cant look at Koyama for a month.. ^_^;;;  I've only put one of the actual calendar disks up, the other two are the weird pictures they put on the back of the disks. Im not describing the News calendar well at all...

Tsubasa's favourite Takki month, he likes that Takkis has his arms out.

Spam-girl. i'll stop now ~~~~


Tsubasa changed his hair..again!

It's not that much of a change, saw clips of 24-hour TV.

He's cut it on the sides again and...... there's a blonde streak in the back! aww Tsubasa.. its like 04? (i cant remember..)  when he had that long bit of blonde in the back XD

This is my weird theroy, because Tsuyoshi has 'normal' hair these days, Tsubasa is paying homage to Tsuyoshi's wild days. End weird theroy.

But yeh I don't mind this hair, do whatever you like Tsubasa! As long as you and Takki continue to be raburabu im fine with radical hair changes XD


The happy couple...in pink!


Blonde bit blonde bit!

Man he's tan!


Favourite Johnnys?

This is my top Johnnys...

  • Tsubasaaa *T&T*(of course... i dont think i need to put a reason! He's my favourite)
  • Takki *T&T*(cant have Tsubasa without Takki! I also love his personality and everything about him)
  • Tsuyoshi *Kinki kids*(I like his anti idol-ness, and his solo music and that Tsubasa loves him lol)
  • Shige *News* (Guilty pleasure.. I dont really like him that much anymore, but News was my first Johnnys group and Shige was my favourite so he has to be here!)
  • Okada/ken*V6* (Ive only recently started to like V6 so those two get one place cus i dont really know that much about them. I really like Okada, he has a strange personality. It also helps he has done so many naked photoshoots XD Ken has the highest voice! its soo cute! and his perm is adorable..little puppy!) 
  • hmm I want to add one more so now its not a 5 or 6 person list its just a list! Last one is Kokobun from Tokio. He is just so funny... just seeing him makes me laugh.. he's just a goof.. and i love how he always says Kokobun-desu! with such passion!

Ta-Da... very pointless but i would like to keep a record and see if it changes.


Tsubasa you killed me!

Watched Tsubasa on Shonen Club...  seriously how does he do it.... I think i've watched the DMC performance 23 times since i downloaded it, its too good!  and MAD were there! yay i love MAD..mainly because they love Tsubasa  n__n
Tsubasa was so cute, i wish he laughed more though, i love his laugh so much! He does laugh more when Takki's around though.

Also loving Shige's hair! I really love the blonde look on the johnnies boys. I think Tsubasa looked great with blonde hair... i know others didnt but i really did but anyway.. some screen caps!

 Ah his clothes were so right for him! He so loves his arms..

Showing shoulder. That pretty boy whore   lol  i love it!

 This boy.... how does he do it.. i really dont think he's human. 

Anyway so that was me dead for a good few hours! 
Ive only just recovered from his MS appearance, which pales in comaprsion to this now! I still love that song though! Tooo catchy, i actually had pretty much memorised it after a few listens.

I've discovered a deep mad love for V6! it took a while to get into them but i really like them now. Also lable buddies with T&T XD


Fear me!

Yes thats right fear me and my psychic abilities!

Just a quick post today.

I said a few days ago that id love to see Takki in a medical drama......................and guess what i read today............

apparently he has started shooting a drama where he's a doctor!       

*has heart attack*

I hope its true cus then i gloat on how i guessed it first XD


 I just read that Tsubasa will be doing a 'death defying' stunt in Worlds Wing


your joking right??? This is probably the most accident prone man in the world and he's asked to do this...

He's basically going to be hung in the air only with ribbon and then..get dropped?? thats what it says but i think i know what they mean, i've seen this done before, so if its what i think it is then it should be fine.
I hope its not like Koichi's falling down the stairs trick though.

Ahhh Takki should be there to catch him lol

I reeeeeaaalllly want to see this show :(    although if he did get hurt i'd probably have a heart attack...  lol

I wonder if there will be a dvd? i'd pay *almost* any price for it

Anyway thats it!    *goes to watch raburabu TxT*


Happy Birthday!

A special post for my best friend to celebrate her birthday, you know who you are ;)


~~~~I hope its a good day~~~~

I would buy you an lj present but well... i wont  lol

I hope you like my really presents though and whatever else you got.

I wonder if that e-card i made got to you? its so annoying the other one didnt work ¬_¬  
This ones funny aswell.. *crosses fingers*

Heres a picture! *i know your not 25 but still* 

It just dawned on me..that IS Takki right?  his fingers a bit crooked, he has crooked fingers i think.  Lol itd be funny if that was just some random guy n_n   

Anyway  YAY  *explodes party poppers*

The rap part of GET soooo sounds like an ACCESS song lmao

All you need is love?

Tsubasa wants to learn English      


I'd teach him anyday lol

It would be good if he learnt it though, his voice is so cute when he says English things XD

I thought most Japanese of a certain age knew basic English? maybe im wrong then.. or maybe he means he wants to fully understand it. It would be very usefull for him considering he goes everywhere and anywhere at the drop of a hat! Takki on the other hand probably doesnt need English much at all..i wish he'd get the courage (not even courage..basically not be as lazy!) to fly on longer flights with his aikata-kun! 

anyway thats it i think...

how does he manage to look 10 times better than Takki? (no offence Takki) He can pull anything off   XD

omg Tsubasa has SAS lol       Yet another picture with 'the look' that i love so much, you can tell theres just maybe something else there, something different  

Again...pulls off anything!


And i introduce three new icons!  Gah my sadness even amazes myself! I only have space for 2 more icons now! then ill have to delete some :S  

I love these...we have Tsu from a recent magazine article. I loved this little picture of him looking up, its like he wants to fly away with those wings of his ^^

so i drew a cute little wing (its originally the card captor sakura wing isnt it? but its used everywhere now) and thats it, pretty simple but i like it.

Then we have Imai-san chomping on an apple, so cute! What else is there to put other than Chomp?  lol Another simple one. (of course pink lettering aswell XD)

Lastly is dark Tsubasa   *insert scary music*    I liked this picture a lot, its very simple. He looks so manly ne! shocking...

ahhh i must remember to make some raburabu icons! TxT all the way XD