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Love is to live

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My name is Becky, I enjoy listening to Jpop and some K-pop. Ive loved everything about Japan since i was introduced to anime years ago. I started to like Jpop a few years ago and all those sexy idols!

I love Tackey & Tsubasa from JE, they were the main reason i got a LJ account. I am waiting for their return taking their damn time! My new love is DBSK, they could easily take over the world! Yunjae = <3 XD

Why do i have to like a group that has such a big back catalogue?!

I like most music though. Not too fussy.

When I dont have artist block i like to draw (mainly children's illustration)and i also study art at university. I have a love affair with photoshop..but it doesnt love me :/

My favorite mangas are fruits basket and death note. Two very different ones indeed! also known to like a bit of yaoi..I like T&T and DBSK, what do you expect?

I love my dog, Hobo (we didnt choose the name) best.dog.ever.

The End :3